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Get great ideas from books you read, and then apply them in your daily life with Booke - your intelligent reading companion.


The recipe for success

Do you devour book after book, but you don't develop yourself, as you'd like? Consider this recipe:

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  1. 1

    Find the right book.

    Check before buying. Taste the spice of a book that intrigue you. Find your next reading based on what best suits your life situation now.

  2. 2

    Squeeze the essence out of it.

    Stop “just reading” . Start reading with Booke company and get great ideas and flavors from the book. Just talk to search, find, bookmark, share and more.

  3. 3

    Take this essence regularly

    Receive a regular digest while reading, as well as an actionable, beautifully designed summary that captures the essence of the book at the end of a reading in a highly effective and easy-to-recall format you can read or listen to.

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    “Booke, is a technology developer revolutionizing the way we interact with printed books.”
    Derek Wolfgram
    Redwood City Public Library
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    “Combines the best elements. Through app, physical books become more like e-books. Booke combines the best elements of both analog and digital reading...”
    Tom Hughes
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    “Booke shows that social reading is not necessarily limited to the ebook, but also can perfectly fit the paper.”
    Florent Taillandier
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    “Reading printed books with the functionalities of digital publications, is what Booke provides.”
    Pauline Trassard
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    “The app will allow students to make notes without writing directly on textbooks. Students will also gain the ability to save annotations, bookmarks, and research regarding texts on their smartphone or tablet to easily access later.”
    Meghan Horrigan
    City of Redwood City

Be as great as the books you read!

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We believe in the wisdom.

What drives us

We are on a mission to make reading and acquiring knowledge fun and empowering.

There are techniques and apps that can help you read quicker and read more. But here’s the thing: It’s not about how many books you read, it’s about how much you retain from what you read.

Most people we talk to don’t have a reading strategy. They just pick up something and start reading. You want to get something out of it. You want to learn things that you can apply in your life to grow. That’s the whole point.

Of course, you can devour 15-minute summaries. But it’s doubtful you'll digest Jobs' true philosophies or actively become a successful professional overnight if you spend 15 minutes reading the key points. Such techniques are useful for dinner party conversation, but the truth is, if you really do want to re-structure your life, we’d recommend making the time to actively read the work.

Booke is meant to assist you in delving deeper into your reading experience and help you squeeze the essence out of a book. Your own essence, not somebody else’s.


We believe in wisdom.

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Don't bother our job openings and always feel free to drop us a line. Who are we looking for? We are looking for someone who may not even exist. Someone with the courage to revolutionize today's printed matter and reading experience. Someone to promote positive change and an improved relationship between authors, publishers and readers throughout the world.