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Succeed by active reading

Meet Booke, your reading companion, that will help you benefit and take control of your reading life.

Features that will help you in active reading

Booke is an active reading companion for people who care about implementing what they read. Collect the best parts. Use them. Get rewarded.

Track your reading

Keep track of multiple books and know when you will finish each book. Use the timer to time your reading sessions and focus on your reading.

Remember the best parts

Remember and put books teaching into practice. Save the best parts of the best books easily. Leverage spaced repetition: review golden nuggets through regular notifications and put them into action.

Get motivated to read more

Read more books and do it more systematically. Break your mental resistance with the science-based 2-minute rule. Stay motivated and track your progress using habit chains.


Main Features

  • Keep track of where you are in multiple books
  • Know when you will finish each book
  • Read and remember more leveraging science-based concepts
  • Electronically highlight in printed books
  • Full text search in printed books
  • Chat with a bot, to search, highlight, and more
  • Sync your highlights from Kindle
  • Sync with Evernote

How Booke works

Booke is an active reading companion available as a chatbot assistant that helps you get the very most from your reading experience. Benefiting from reading requires putting effort into it; Booke makes this effort fun and empowering.

Collect highlights

Save the best parts of the best books easily saying only the beginning and the end of the excerpt, and let Booke work out the rest. Never miss ideas that apply to your business or life.

Use them

Review golden nuggets through a regular notifications and put them into action. Don’t just highlight for the sake of highlighting. Be a practitioner.

Get rewarded

Earn points for your actions and turn those points into additional unlocked titles. Experience strong behavioral change combined with higher recall and retention.


Overcome obstacles

If you will continue 'just reading' a lot of books, the shift in your life doesn't happen.


Using nothing

Are you using nothing from reading hundreds of books?


No change

Have you read a break-through book, but nothing has changed in your life?


Life sucks

Is it time to revamp your life?



Do you struggle to break through mediocrity?


Brain hurt

Does learning from books make your brain hurt?


No system

Do you need a system to get you to the place you deserve to be in business and life?

Overcome all of these obstacles and more when you start active reading with Booke.

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    “Booke, is a technology developer revolutionizing the way we interact with printed books.”
    Derek Wolfgram
    Redwood City Public Library
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    “Combines the best elements. Through app, physical books become more like e-books. Booke combines the best elements of both analog and digital reading...”
    Tom Hughes
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    “Booke shows that social reading is not necessarily limited to the ebook, but also can perfectly fit the paper.”
    Florent Taillandier
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    “Reading printed books with the functionalities of digital publications, is what Booke provides.”
    Pauline Trassard
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    “The app will allow students to make notes without writing directly on textbooks. Students will also gain the ability to save annotations to easily access later.”
    Meghan Horrigan
    City of Redwood City

Why active reading?

by Jarek, Booke co-founder

Ever stuck wondering: what is the secret of success?

There is a secret out there that successful leaders and entrepreneurs are sharing, but few are listening to—active reading can help one become more successful! The rich and affluent devote a considerable number of hours to reading and self-improvement compared to other segments of society.

“Some years ago, I discovered a book that was about to change the course of my life and career. I was unemployed, struggled to get a job. During the first year of applying the teaching of the book, I became a board member of a charity and was able to boost its revenue by 1,000%!”

When I started using what I had read in the book, it became a turning point in my career. After becoming more confident, I began to pursue new opportunities. I then have co-founded or managed several organizations, including the IT company providing software for publicly traded companies and government.

I’ve always been a reader, but I got very serious about it in 2010. Booke is the result of all those years of experience, research, and examining the strategies and the practiced methods of advanced readers. It will get you the life-changing results you deserve.

About Jarek

I'm an entrepreneur and traveling soul; interested in digital humanities and innovative spaces; in love with reading, coding. My app has been featured on CNET, Springwise, L'Atelier, and many others. I can attribute making my first six figures to reading and implementing two great books.

Make acticve reading
the story of your success

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We believe in the wisdom.

What drives us

We are on a mission to make reading and acquiring knowledge fun and empowering.

Most people we talk to don’t think much about how they read. They just choose a book (sometimes thoroughly) and start reading. You want to get these great ideas from it. You want to discover things that you can apply in your life to grow. That’s the whole point. It is not eating a great quantity of food that nourishes most, nor devouring books that gives solid knowledge.

Booke is meant to assist you in delving deeper into your reading experience and help you become a perfect reader.

Follow three Booke steps of active reading a book for growth, and your experience gets filled with beauty, quality, and purpose.




We believe in wisdom.

We are always looking for talent.

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Don't bother our job openings and always feel free to drop us a line. Who are we looking for? We are looking for someone who may not even exist. Someone with the courage to revolutionize today's printed matter and reading experience. Someone to promote positive change and an improved relationship between authors, publishers and readers throughout the world.